Each Beauty Station Needs One – The Lighted Mirror

Mirrors are the most essential part of any 3d mink bulk lashes station. Of course, you probably know that movie stars apply makeup using mirrors that are lighted. They do so to ensure they have a makeup that would look first class under the bright stage lights. Such mirrors are instrumental in allowing them to apply just the right makeup. Women need good mirrors while putting on their makeup. The better the quality of mirror and lighting, the more helpful it proves for applying makeup.

3d mink bulk lashes
3d mink bulk lashes

Clbro Exposes facial features

An appropriately lighted mirror makes sure to reveal those warts, moles, blemishes, fine lines, small rashes and the smallest details when you look into it. That helps while applying 3d mink bulk lashes. Even when cleaning your face or undertaking its moisturizing or toning, a well-lighted mirror makes it known if you miss any point on your face.

Types of mirrors

You can get different types of lighted mirrors. There are 3d mink bulk lashes mirrors having a magnifying power of ten. You can also find distortion free mirrors. Such mirrors allow you to observe even the tiniest details. A mirror may be double-sided too, with one side have magnifying power while the other side has no magnification.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounted mirrors can also have magnifying power. Some are designed to offer a swivel movement, enabling the user to see either side very clearly. You also get double-sided wall-mounted mirrors that have magnification on each side. Such a mirror projects out of the wall and both its sides are lighted.


A vanity 3d mink bulk lashes mirror will light up when used. It usually rests on a pedestal made from brushed brass, making it ideal for using at home when you want to arrange your hair or clean face.

You may also use a round, double-sided, lighted mirror for applying makeup at home. One side has a normal mirror, while the other side has a magnifying mirror. Each side has a halo light to give extra clarity and brilliance.


As the name suggests, a compact mirror may be folded and stored in your bag, making it ideal for traveling. It is designed to help you observe clearly and closely when grooming and cleaning. It comes with a magnifying power of ten.

Your other option is of a 3d mink bulk lashes mirror with magnifying power of five, having four settings for light. It makes use of the available light and may be used in the evenings or daylight, at home or at the office. The three-paneled mirror enables wide-angle viewing. It has side view mirrors as well and may be folded while traveling.

3d mink bulk lashes
3d mink bulk lashes

Each woman has her own preferences. Some believe that a mirror should reveal the slightest detail and don’t mind hunting for a user-friendly lighted mirror for their 3d mink bulk lashes.

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