How to Apply Makeup

There are no ugly women. But all of them, even admitted beauties, tend to look even better. Cosmetics help women to accentuate on strengths and hide weaknesses of their artificial mink fur eyelash factory.

artificial mink fur eyelash factory
artificial mink fur eyelash factory

1. Clbro You can start with the corrector application, which hides dark circles under eyes, rashes, unevenness and other minor skin defects. It is also used to outline the natural lip line. But corrector should not be applied to wrinkles – it will make them more visible. It is better to use a soft brush with 0.5 cm. thickness.

2. Basics of make-up is correction of facial and neck skin with the help of toners and powder. Toner or cream-powder is selected to match the skin color or a little brighter for daytime artificial mink fur eyelash factory; with a predominance of pink shades over yellow – for an evening makeup.

3. Oval shape is considered to be the correct face shape; that is why shape of the face is sought to be brought close to the oval via correction procedures.

4. Eyes make-up depends on their shape, structure of movable and immovable eyelid. There is such a thing as balanced or befitting eye. This is an almond-shaped eye, upper eyelid is 2 times larger than the lower, distance between the eyes holds the size of one eye. Making eye shape balanced can be reached by using the light and dark eye shadows.

5. Mascara is applied on the artificial mink fur eyelash factory from the center of the eye to the outer corner, and then the inner corner lashes are touched up. Colored mascara can be applied on the long and thick, but for pale, short eyelashes plain black mascara is the best solution.

6. Eyebrows can be slightly tinted with waterproof mascara with a semi-dry brush to emphasize their shape. Eyebrows are also corrected with special pencil or eye shadows.

7. Lip make-up should begin with the powder. They are powdered altogether with the face. Then lips are covered with a thin layer of lipstick and slightly sponged with a napkin. Contour is drawn by a pencil in tone with the lipstick or a slightly darker. Lips can be completely covered over with the pencil – this artificial mink fur eyelash factory is called dry variation of matt day mouth. For a complete lips make-up they should be powdered in the direction from the outer boundary to the mouth. Lighter lipstick is applied at the center of lips with a brush; darker lipstick (1 tone darker) is applied on the contour. Glitter, which is applied at the center of lips, enlarges them vertically.

8. Blusher, regardless of the face shape, is applied directly under the cheekbones, close to the ears, so that the starting point of its application is on the same distance from the lips corner, wings of nose and outer corner of the eye. While applying blusher, pad or brush is moved in the direction from the ear to the middle area of the face. Do not apply too much blusher. At the end face is powdered by the brush. While applying artificial mink fur eyelash factory please do not forget about the neck, its color should not be different from the face.

artificial mink fur eyelash factory
artificial mink fur eyelash factory

9. Fashionable evening make-up tends to be expressive and color intensive. Colors vary from the warm orange and bronze tones to the cold silver glitter and steel gray. It can be said with the great degree of certainty that main fashion trend in artificial mink fur eyelash factory is the use of contrasting colors and textures.

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