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Before applying china 3d fake lash factory, your skin should be cleansed, toned and moisturised.

china 3d fake lash factory
china 3d fake lash factory

Clbro Concealer: Apply concealer to any areas that need covering such as, beneath the china 3d fake lash factory, over blemishes, redness and pigmentation. If you apply make up over the eyelids the eye make up will last longer.

Foundation: It is best to choose a foundation that is as close to your skin type as possible. Using sponges may give a better result and leave your skin with an even coverage overall.

Face powder: Apply face powder all over your face with a powder brush. Avoid using excessive powder at once as your china 3d fake lash factory may become blotchy. Powder will stop your skin from looking shiny.

Blusher: Apply blush lightly to your cheek bones; it will enhance your cheeks, however, if you apply too much it can appear uneven and spoil the natural look.

Eye liner: Apply eye liner underneath your eyelid and, if necessary, on top. china 3d fake lash factory pencils are popular or, using a thin brush, apply eye-shadow. Adding water will create a more liquid effect.

Eye shadow: Eye shadows are available in many different colours and textures and can be applied in many different ways to achieve a variety of effects. Powder eye shadows are most popular and are easy to apply and blend.

Mascara: Apply mascara to both top and bottom eye china 3d fake lash factory; black mascara will give the best result. Avoid waterproof mascara if using on a daily basis as your lashes will become brittle.

Eye-brow make up: Apply eyebrow make up if necessary. Eye-brow pencils are great for fine eye brows; they give an excellent coverage and their colour stays on effectively. Alternatively, use a fine brush and lightly apply an eye shadow that closely matches the eyebrows.

china 3d fake lash factory
china 3d fake lash factory

Lip make up: Outline the lips with a suitable china 3d fake lash factory pencil; this should closely match your lipstick. Apply lip colour in the usual manner.


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