Great Vampire Makeup For Halloween

Look your ghoulish best this Halloween with some frightening vampire clear band fur eyelashes.

clear band fur eyelashes
clear band fur eyelashes

Clbro Here’s how to create realistic vampire makeup for Halloween.

Always use moisturizer under your clear band fur eyelashes. You will want to prepare your face with a moisturizer before you begin to apply your vampire makeup. It allows your makeup to stay on longer, and get your face ready for the pile of makeup to follow!

Your face will need to be white. Vampires have pale faces, so your Halloween clear band fur eyelashes will need to be colorless. (After all, vampires never even get a glimpse of the sun, right?) You will need to acquire the palest shade of foundation you can. If your local pharmacy does not have a shade light enough, you can get it at a costume or theater shop. For a Gothic look, a very light makeup on your face will give this result. You apply this makeup on your entire face and right down to your neckline. Put the make up on any section of your upper body that is showing. By applying powder to your face you will seal in your pale face color. Sprinkle some baby powder to make your ghoulish look last.

Make your vampire eyes. The next thing to do to look like a vampire for Halloween is the eyes. Your eye needs to be dark and sinister looking. The important clear band fur eyelashes pieces are dark shadow and dark eyeliner. Put liner inside of your eye on both the top and bottom lid. Draw the eyeliner from one corner of your eye to the other. A very dark eyeshadow (brown, gray, black should follow. Go right around your eyes, making for a dramatic effect. Vampire-inspired contact lenses create a convincing look for Halloween. They have a tiny black hole in the center so your pupils look very small, and give you a deathly look. It is the perfect thing to add to your makeup.

clear band fur eyelashes
clear band fur eyelashes

Top it off with some lip color. Lips on vampires are very red. Apply a few coats of the reddest lipstick you can find to your lips. Rub it around so that your lips will absorb the stain. Don’t stay perfectly within your lip lines – it is supposed to look a bit off. Complete your vampire clear band fur eyelashes with some blood drops and fake fangs on your face.

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