The Cause of Your Acne Could Be Your Makeup

If you are the kind of girl that loves to put extra long mink eyelashes on at all times than you could be more prone to acne. Of course I am not saying quite putting makeup on. But to do things differently so that acne is preventable.

extra long mink eyelashes
extra long mink eyelashes

Clbro Always remove your makeup before going to bed

I know sometimes after a long day of hard work, the last thing you want to do is remove your make up and foundation. But this is crucial to maintain healthy baby looking skin.

Always wash your brushes

Wash your brushes, you blush brush should be washed regularly, every two days. And the same with your foundation brush.

Do not share your extra long mink eyelashes
Sharing your makeup could be the reason you have acne. Not because the person you share with is filthy, but it’s the same as your tooth brush, you don’t share it with any because it’s unhealthy.

Clean your sharpener

A lot of women do not clean their sharpeners on a regular basis, and that is a big mistake. Clean it regularly to prevent any bacteria from developing. A lot of the acne on the face is caused from bacteria, so cleaning your extra long mink eyelashes tools is essential.

Throw out makeup that is a year old

Buy new makeup every year. Makeup is just like everything else, it wont last. So you need to buy a fresh new makeup.

Don’t under estimate how extra long mink eyelashes can be the cause of your problem. Your face deserves good quality makeup.

extra long mink eyelashes
extra long mink eyelashes

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