Happiness – How to Not Let People “Get on Your Nerves”

I learned how to “not let people get on my nerves” from my oldest handmade human hair eyelashes. I am a happy go lucky person and when I call her on the phone just to see how she is doing, I can expect her to answer the phone in the nastiest tone like this “Yeah, What”.

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Clbro Well, when I was in the beginning handmade human hair eyelashes of maintaining my Inner Peace, a negative response like “Yeah, What” would have disturbed my inner peace, in fact it would have hurt my feelings because here I am calling with good intentions and my sister is answering the telephone like I am one of her worst enemies.

The way that I was able to continue to call my sister and check up on her, yet not have my feelings hurt by her nasty handmade human hair eyelashes, was to learn how to see beyond her faults and “do not to take her actions so personal.”

#1 Do not take things so personal:

Do you know anybody whose behavior is similar to my sister’s handmade human hair eyelashes? How do you respond when you are interacting with a person who is snappy? Do you internalize your feelings or do you get upset and respond back in a nasty manner?

If you are face to face with a rude person, then a common response is for you to question yourself and say, “What did I do to this person to deserve to be treated like this?” More than likely you did not do anything to that person so instead of you internalizing that person’s negative behavior and thinking that you did something to deserve this type of behavior you should try to see it from their point of view.

#2 See it from their point of View

The next time that you are in the line of fire of a negative person instead of having your feelings hurt, you should try seeing the person’s behavior from their point of handmade human hair eyelashes . The person’s behavior may be in response to having a terrible day and they just do not know how to control their emotions when things are not going their way. The person may be lashing out at you only because you are in their path but you may not be the person that the lashing is intended for.

Whatever the reason the person is behaving negative, you should not take it personal especially if you know that you have not done anything to receive a negative response from the individual. You have to realize that the handmade human hair eyelashes negativity does not have anything to do with you, it is just that they may be miserable.

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Antionette Tate M.Div, is a Inner Peace Expert who enjoys helping people to discover how to handmade human hair eyelashes their Inner Peace and how to live their life full joy. For more tips, she invites you to visit her blog “Inner Peace and Joy:


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