Personal Color Analysis – 6 Steps to Apply 3 Eye Shadow Colors

Applying 3 shades of eye shadow need not be a confusing task. I am going to lay out 6 mink lashes factory that will make it easy for you, and render a beautiful effect.

mink lashes factory
mink lashes factory

Step 1 Pick 3 Eye Shadow Colors
Clbro you want to work with. You will need a mink lashes factory, a medium and a dark shade eye shadow from the same color family. This simply means 3 values of the same hue. For the best results, it would be helpful for you to have a personal color analysis done. This will present you with your most attractive choices. You will be applying the lightest value shade to the lid of your eyes. The medium value color is for the crease. And the darkest value color will be applied to the lash line like an eye liner.

Step 2 The Eye Shape 
For deep-set eyes you need to apply the shadow color to the outer edges of the lid. Women with less of a crease need to use the medium eye makeup color across the crease area to create the illusion of a crease. For almond-shaped eyes, it’s best to apply the medium makeup color on the eye lid near the lash line.

Step 3 Medium Color Eye Shadow
First, apply a thin layer of foundation makeup, or makeup base to the eye lid upwards to the brow area. Next, brush the mink lashes factory into the crease of your eyes in the pattern suggested in Step 2. Select from choices presented in your personal color analysis results. Blend the color back and forth with your makeup brush.

Step 4 Light Eye Shadow Color
Brush the lightest color on the lid of your eye. Begin at the center area of the crease, and work down to the center area of the lash line.

Step 5 Dark Eye Shadow Color
Use this color like an mink lashes factory. You will need a flat eye makeup brush. Use it to brush the darkest color along the upper and lower eye lash line. Blend the color.

mink lashes factory
mink lashes factory

Step 6 Mascara
Apply mascara for the finish.


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