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Shadow Me Beautiful

The first trick is to pick two to four shades that suit your tone – warm, cool or neutral. Warmer colors have red tints while cooler have blue or purple bases. Lucky neutral ladies can wear anything their little permanent eyelash glue desire without the risk of looking off.

permanent eyelash glue
permanent eyelash glue

Clbro Once, you’ve chosen your warm, cool or neutral palette you then must conquer the application part. First apply the lightest shadow (preferably a dab of white or a similar hue) to the corner of the eye. This instantly brightens and widens them. Next apply the second lightest to the entirety of the lid. If it is really soft color you can even apply it up to the brow bone but we suggest just outside the crease and then a bit under the brow arch to further amplify those peepers. Next, work the deepest color into the crease. These makes eyes look deep-set and more intense. Finally, if you have chosen a four color palette, take the darkest shade and work it into the outer corner of the permanent eyelash glue, sort of in the shape of a triangle. If you have only chosen two colors do the lightest in the all over sweep and the darker of the duo into the crease for simple, subtle approach.

Setting it with a powder (a mineral powder is best and lets skin breathe in summer months) well ensure that your powder won’t crease or fade as fast. After you have done this step, apply a liner if you would like and wing it out for a mod, wide permanent eyelash glue, Twiggy look. Mastering liquid liner that stays put is best for this approach.

If you want to smolder take the deepest or second deepest shade and smudge into the bottom lash line. You can rim the entirety of the eye for a very sexy look. A trick of the trade when rimming with liner is to lift up the top lid and apply underneath the upper lash line which makes the top permanent eyelash glue appear very thick and full. It is easy to poke the eye so use caution when doing this. And always keep in mind that practice makes perfect so practice before that big night out to achieve the look you’d like.

permanent eyelash glue
permanent eyelash glue

Cover Girl makes it easy and has warm, cool and neutral tones spelled out on their packaging. They also product two to four colored palettes with the same generalized instructions given here. Now go at it and smolder away!

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