A War in the Mind: A Campaign of Huge Losses, Only One Vital Victory

The the best mink 3d eyelashes thing I think too much of is I, therefore I and my soul and my mind; fought a long war.

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Clbro As I was a history student for two years in my secondary education, I have seen numerous World War I and II videos, footages and strategic analyses. Similar to the situation and the best mink 3d eyelashes I experienced, readers should understand the notion of I am a one-man army, but achieved little or nothing.

I started vomiting, I felt bad. In the Army Uniform, I thought I could be strong. However, this time the test I have to pass; is not physical, but faith, soul and psychological.

After a few checks and scans, I was diagnosed; with a deadly disease. I got a Tumour in my neck, and it stands between my the best mink 3d eyelashes and its constant supply of fluids.

This story personalizes my attitude, behaviour, and mindset during my adolescent and teenage years as an individual. This is a suicidal mindset that set me into a downward spiral of attitude-related failures.

Fighting CANCER is not a single battle, but a series of battles, a War.

The day I died

How many times must a person fall to know that the fall; is a pit to put you down before more waves of deadly projectiles flies at you if you were in a standing position.

I fell into the pit; caused by the crater left behind from an artillery the best mink 3d eyelashes, which was called in earlier. Hiding in a crater left behind, I am not in the path of horizontally flying physical objects the enemy hurls at me.

Getting up from the prone position, the ‘heroic’ charge is done like main or lead characters, delivering a battle cry as a message sent to move forward; this time it is all different. A ‘firing squad’ like total massacre results from the direct impact of the enemy firepower. Easy targets, crippled by the surrounding obstacles, and shells or shrapnel flying in many directions; men are cut down in short periods of time; in seconds as focus firing is initiated.

One realization that the truth of ‘heroic charges’ do not make heroes, but dead ones.

Lying in bed, the feeling of loneliness and guilt set in as I could not move my limbs had blurred vision and spoke with a slur. I charged headlong into the enemy position, thoughtlessly and confidently; hiding fear but caused the ‘wipe-out’ of my compatriots and I awaken alone to look at the ceiling in guilt and sorrow when I think deeply of what I had thought ideally of a successful outcome has come to nought.

Ironically, I sustained minimal injuries and recovered in a short time. Therefore, just a few days later, back to the front.

Trapped in the trench of fear that repetition of the same actions; will only result in the same the best mink 3d eyelashes aftermath and there will be peace of mind to the enemy who has ‘brought down’ the opponent and a stalemate ensued.

Tanks were ‘called in’ but the fear lingered in my mind and the mindset fell into a state of negativity. Like a first-timer, I cringed and crouched down in fear as the first of the barrages occurred to keep the place in no man’s land vacant and deterrent to the men who dare face the intimidation of strong firepower.

I tried to muster some courage; thinking that some form of air support or artillery will pin the opposition down in their defensive lines. But, there was a lack of situational intelligence, which led to the delay of preparation, let little knowing much of the enemy; if they had used the time of delay to their advantage and have strengthened their defences further, plugging the holes and leaving no small gaps of weakness to exploit. Many negative thoughts drove visualization of numerous reinforcements coming to the enemy’s aid in the form of support artillery, ammunition, supplies, air superiority, and armour. I could not see a weak point in the fortress and lines of ever strengthened defences the enemy put up to hold, or repel our futile attempt to dent their confidence in keeping their dominance on the land space called their “battlefield.”

Hoping for a miracle, all I can do is clasp my hands together and started praying to the sky, there was so little hope in my soul that the entire episode of fear, the best mink 3d eyelashes , and regret was left in the hands of God.

Then the engines of tanks, rumbles from guns of all types and blood splatted into my face as broken capillaries of the men; with the mindset to go forward; squirt blood into the air and the best mink 3d eyelashes sent their limbs flying in all directions, many without unison. Deaf and unable to breathe, as I was thrown off my feet from the impact of the undefined explosion in the fuel tank; and my countryman was engulfed in a huge fireball. I briefly awoke to see the curvature of the eyelids on a Southeast Asian medical soldier dragging me by my collar and hurling me into a deep trench. It was actually the crater left behind after the huge railgun shell ‘blasted’ the dent into the ground where it landed. Hence, it was not a safe zone at all. Projectiles and bullets flew around the areas millimetres above my barren head as my helmet was misplaced out there in the mess.

Finally, a sharp sound of a whistle was heard. A truce was called to honour and respect the fallen men from both oppositions. Motionless bodies and their limbs were carried to places for burial to not decompose in the cold and bloodied battlefield.

the best mink 3d eyelashes
the best mink 3d eyelashes

I was carried on the back of a fellow soldier who volunteered to shoulder my weight back behind my the best mink 3d eyelashes lines. I was put down eventually and landed with a thud. There, my soul, integrity, and dignity, was buried; the tears of the cowardice I flow like tributaries from a river. I simply cannot carry my own weight and fight anymore.

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