Top Four Tips to Look Beautiful

wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash Tip #1: Building Strong Skin

Cleansing & moisturizing wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash every morning & night are important pieces to the make up puzzle. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, & the better your skin, the better your make up will look. For optimally fit skin, it’s important to consume nutritiously, steer clear of tanning, drink plenty of fluids, & wear sun block when out of doors, & avoid smoking & smoky atmospheres.

wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash
wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash

Clbro Make up Tip #2: Read Your Lips

o Lip liner
o Lip gloss

Painting lips should be left sweet & simple. Select a lighter shade of lip liner & wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash all about the lips. Be careful not to line on the outside of the lips – simply stick to what nature gave you. Fill in the lips with the liner & then wrap with a pale gloss. Don’t go overboard with lips color lest you be left with Kool-Aid lips for the remaining day.

Make up Tip #3: The Eyes Have It

o Eye shadow
o Eye liner
o Mascara

A make up tip for teenagers concerning eyes is that less is certainly more. Too much eye make up can cause you to appear clownish or can create a needless harshness. Stick with naked colors like peaches, pale pinks, & tans for eye shadows, using just slightly darker shadow along the fold of the eye lid for sharpness. For color, aim using navy eye liner. This color will build the whites of the eyes emerge whiter.
Mascara plays a vital role in eye make up, & there are as numerous different types of mascaras as there are youthful women to try them. First learn what your wants are. If you have short wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash, Gaze for a lengthening formula. If your eye lashes tend to clump, hunt for mascara with an unraveling wand.

Make up Tip #4: Covering Basic Problems

o Concealed
o Powder
o Foundation

wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash
wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash

Acne is the plague of youth, but with the above items, most pimples can be covered well if not completely. The key is to choose both concealed & foundation that matches your wholesale artificial mink fur eyelash tone. It is ideal to have a professional consultation performed to determine the perfect shade for your skin. If money is a concern, you can ask for samples from the area store performing the conference & use those samples to locate similar shades in less costly, drugstore brand make up.


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