RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner

We all know that we are all born with different kinds of private label mink lashes. Some are shorter while some are longer. If you want to grow your lashes first read this article on RevitaLash eyelash conditioner.

private label mink lashes
private label mink lashes

Clbro The RevitaLash eyelash conditioner is one of the many products that people use to make their private label mink lashes longer, fuller and thicker. You have to be careful when you use these kinds of products because they have a lot of chemicals. Some of these chemicals can cause severe damage to your eyes.

This eyelash conditioner has a drug (Chlorphenesin) that helps in hair growth, so if you use it, your private label mink lashes are bound to grow. You should apply the conditioner at bedtime. You simply apply this to both the top and the lower eyelash using the brush that is in the pack. You should only apply a little.

You must not expect to see the results after a few days of use. You can expect to see the outcome in three to ten weeks. Others have claimed that it sometimes takes longer than three months. You just have to be patient. If it takes longer it does not mean that you have to increase the amount of conditioner that you put on the brush.

This product just like others also has its side effects. Most people complain about itchy, red and swollen private label mink lashes.

Most of these effects go away after a few days. If they don’t then you should see a doctor. If it also happens that the conditioner comes in to contact with your eyes, you should wash it off with water and then see a doctor.

private label mink lashes
private label mink lashes

I am sure that the information on RevitaLash eyelash conditioner will help you as you try to grow your private label mink lashes. You should always be careful when you use this product.

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